Childcare is available for life groups held on church grounds.  The nursery is located in the Annex and is open to ages 1 to 3yrs

Lead by: Pastor Joanna and Jeff Walker
Type of Group: Adults Only
Location: 7600 N 19 th St. McAllen, TX
When: Sunday 6:30pm
Contact: (956)534-4554

Class Description: Living from the Presence is an 8-session video study on the supernatural presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Discover how you can experience His closeness and experience new levels of God’s glory in your life. Taught by Heidi and Rolland Baker, the video sessions capture the dynamic move of the Holy Spirit in live meetings and will release an impartation of that same Presence and power to you.

Lead By: Alfredo and Janie Soto
Location: AGCC Gym Room 7
When: Sundays @ 6:30-8pm

Class Description: Wouldn’t it be great to experience a seminar done by Nancy Missler! Now you can! With this DVD set you can have a great eight hours with Nancy showing you the insights that she wrote about in her book The Way of Agape: Understanding God’s Love. Nancy has said that Agape, “not only saved our marriage and healed our family, but it has allowed me to experience His Love for others in a way I never thought possible; to be able to love them and accept them, even when they fail me and let me down.” This series was recorded before a live audience over several weeks. Four DVDs, eight sessions.

Lead by: Hector & Adaleni Salazar
Type Of Group: Men & Women
Location: 1925 N Cesar Chavez Rd. San Juan “Clubhouse”
When: Fridays at 6:30pm
Contact: 956.739.0350

Is life change really possible? If we're honest most of us would answer, 'No.' That is because most of us have tried numerous programs that promise big changes, but in reality, deliver very little results. You long for transformation, but do not know where to begin. There is good news for you and there is hope! Life change is possible! You were made to grow, to change, and to experience intimacy and adventure. In this series, you will learn how life change can happen to you. Join Chip Ingram as he helps you to identify the barriers that have held you back from receiving God's best and then break out of a destructive lifestyle and become the person you've longed to be. This series is designed to help move you from the frustration of failure to the freedom you have in Christ. This series includes the following messages: Is a “Changed Life” Really Possible?, Where Do We Get the Power to Change?, How to Become the Person You've Always Longed to Be, How to Break Out of a Destructive Lifestyle, The Role of Spiritual Training in the Life Change Process (Part One), The Role of Spiritual Training in the Life Change Process (Part Two)

Lead By: Raul and Carolina Palma
Type Of Group:
Men And Women
Location:705 Dawson Drive, Edinburg
Friday at 6:30pm
956.648.4488 956.648.2296

Marriage is a beautiful one-flesh relationship ordained by God. Join Raul and Carolina as they explore these
topics with you to help your marriage flourish as God designed. 6 power packed sessions on- Love Happens:
God’s Purpose and Plan, Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation, Love Dances: Fulfilling Our Relationship, Love
Interpreted: Communication and Conflict, Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy, Love Always: Leaving a
Lasting Legacy. Open to all couples!

Lead By: Nellie Kowalski
Type Of Group:
Women’s Group
Location: AGCC South Chapel Classroom
Sunday at 6:30pm

Class Description: The life of a woman today isn't really all that different from that of Mary and Martha in the New Testament. Like Mary, you long to sit at the Lord's feet…but the daily demands of a busy world just won't leave you alone. Like Martha, you love Jesus and really want to serve him…yet you struggle with weariness, resentment, and feelings of inadequacy. Then comes Jesus, right into the midst of your busy Mary/Martha life—and he extends the same invitation he issued long ago to the two sisters of Bethany. Tenderly he invites you to choose “the better part” — a joyful life of "living-room" intimacy with him that flows naturally into "kitchen service" for him.

Lead By: Marina Escobar (certified counselor)
Location: AGCC Conference Room/office bld.
Sunday at 6:30pm

Class Description: We all struggle with angry feelings, brought on by tension, pressure, and the blocked goals and frustrations of day-to-day life. The broken and stressed relationships that result from these feelings can overwhelm us. But there is hope. With the right help, you too can overcome those emotions that destroy. In this practical series, Chip Ingram will help you learn how to identify the unhealthy ways you respond to anger, uncover the feelings underneath your anger, as well as choose God-given, emotionally healthy ways to control your anger. You will learn through solid biblical principles, as well as the psychological aspects of our emotions, that anger can actually be a positive tool used by God to transform you and your relationships. Overcoming Emotions That Destroy includes the following messages: Rage-Understanding the Monster Within, Why We All Struggle with Anger, Turning Anger from a Foe to a Friend,
Learning How to Stop Stress Before It Starts, How to Be Good and Mad.

Lead By: Larissa & Joseph Marcelino
Type Of Group: Young Adults, 19-29 years
Location: AGCC Gym, Room 6
When: Mondays at 6:30
Contact:956.400.1834 956.599.4204

Class Description:Do you need a breakdown of what it means to live out a Christian Lifestyle? Our Young Adults group will be tuning into Evangelist Todd White’s sermons as he shares the simplicity of the Gospel towards living a life that reflects Jesus in a way that will attract people to God. These videos will target real life issues as well as talking to people about Jesus, seeking intimacy with God, and walking in who the Father created you to be. These video by Todd White will not only grab your attention but help every believer, especially young adults, to be confident in who they are and to be strong in their faith.

Lead By: Youth Pastors, Simeon & Lisa Finley
Type Of Group:
7th – 12th Grades
Location:AGCC Sanctuary Annex upstairs
Sunday at 6:30pm
(956)309-6700 (956)563-0467

Class Description: With teaching from Caleb Castille (who plays Tony Nathan in Woodlawn), the Student Study speaks to teens about uniting together. In 1973, Birmingham was torn by racism and hate. God worked through the Woodlawn high school football team to unite the city and ignite a spiritual awakening. This revival was nothing short of miraculous. Could it happen again? ONE feature powerful scenes and exclusive footage from the movie Woodlawn. With teaching from Caleb Castille, the One Student Stud speaks to teens about uniting together and preparing your heart to experience and embrace a move of God. It only takes one person to start a revolution!

Lead By: Children’s Pastors Dennis & Debbie Bentley
Type Of Group:
4 -12 years old
Location: AGCC Gym Rm 1 and 2
Sunday at 6:30pm

Class Description: This animated mini-movie series. State-of-the-art animation, original music, and great stories make this fun-loving series entertaining and educational. Kids learn biblical values as they discover the truth about God’s love for every person. No one has ever taught the Ten Commandments like this before! Children will love to watch these engaging animated stories as God’s live-giving laws take root in their hearts and minds.